Re: Default sort order for file directories

Glenn Glazer

On 9/5/2018 11:07, Bruce Bowman wrote:
On Wed, Sep 5, 2018 at 12:46 PM, Glenn Glazer wrote:
Is it possible to set the default sort order for a directory to uploaded descending (most recent at the top)?
The sort order can be changed as needed by clicking on the column headers. As Duane mentioned, some way to "remember" this has been suggested a few times, with no clear consensus being reached on how it would be done. Is *forcing* subscribers to see the files in a certain way really a desirable thing? Is this a group setting or a subscriber setting? If the latter, should it be stored in the subscriber record, or as a browser cookie?

And so on. I suspect resolution remains a long way off.

As a work-around, I suggest that you come up with a file naming convention so the files are initially displayed the way you want. Something like "2018-08 Meeting Minutes" might suffice.

In my view, it would be a per user setting overrideable per directory by the admin. I can also understand where that would require significant work.  I think the forcing question is a non-issue because allowing the admin to set it is not the same thing as requiring the admin to set it and so it is left to each group's admins to decide what is best for their group.

I did consider the renaming thing, but balked a bit a renaming hundreds of files.  Some rainy day perhaps.



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