Re: Is really unsuitable for my needs?

Glenn Glazer

Hello, Gaute.

I run two groups that were formerly Yahoo! groups and they work exactly as all four of your bullet points below require.
  • Both groups are private, invite only.
  • The only time any of us (except me, for admin duties) goes to the web interface is to upload or retrieve a file.
  • Your email to this group was received by me using Thunderbird and responded to by hitting the reply button.


On 9/4/2018 11:32, Gaute Amundsen wrote:
Hi all.

I just signed up to set up a list for parents in the school our sons go to.

Everything there now happens with big nasty CC or BCC lists, and there is a strong "gravitation" towards starting a Facebook group, which I'm trying to forestall.

However I'm starting to doubt whether is a suitable tool for what I want to do.

I have a few requirements:
  • The group must be private and closed, invite or import only.
  • The use of a web-interface should be optional, and not actively encouraged.
  • ( the exception could be a unsubscribe form, which under NO circumstances should require you to log in, get a password or consent to anything. )
  • Ideally mail clients should reply to sender when clicking "reply", and sender+group when clicking "reply all".
The reason for this is to make the experience as simple and "frictionless" as possible. There are some very non-techy people in our group, that would be perfectly happy if all the Internet existed inside their FB app. Many have probably never participated in a mailinglist before and are already in a half-panic about all the email they get at work. If they click on something that asks them to create an account it will never happen, and the FB group will be created.

After spending an hour testing it seems that only the first of my point can be satisfied here.
Considering the press that has been getting, this is a bit surprising to me, and so I would be happy if someone more knowledgeable can confirm my understanding.

Gaute Amundsen

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