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There is definitely no photo album with that name (Emailed Photos).
I will write to support about this situation.
If you haven't already, you may not need to.

Ok, it seems that two of the three types of embedded images do not get stored in Emailed Photos, and likely do not consume your group's storage quota. Those would be:

http: This one makes sense, the image file is stored remotely, not on and not in the message content at all. It truly is not an "attached" image.

data: This one would be an oversight (bug) I think. The image file is inline in the message body, so it is consuming's storage, but because it is in the message body it is not technically "attached" nor is it stored in Emailed Photos; and it probably isn't deducted from your group's storage quota. Arguably (above a certain size) it should be put in Emailed Photos and counted against your group's storage quota.

If you want to find out which you are dealing with, you can look at the View Source for the message. After selecting that from the More menu, use your browser's find function (usually Ctrl+F) and search for "img" (without the quotes). You should find something that looks like:

... <img src=3D"data: ...

but the word before the colon may be http, cid, or data. There should be one of those img elements for each of the three photos in that message.

I'm placing my bets on http, since (I think) data is still rare; and (I think) cid would have been in Emailed Photos.


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