Re: Instructions for New Members (not invited) Joining Group



Has anyone developed a complete "How Too" for persons who want to join
a group but who have not been previously invited?
Quite possibly. But it is so easy that I'd be concerned that a step-by-step would make it seem harder than it is.

If they only want to post and receive by email, use the +subscribe email command:
It doesn't say there, but should, that they'll receive a confirmation notice from, and they need to follow its instructions to confirm.

If they want to access the group's web pages, go to the group home page and scroll down to the blue "Join Group" button (unrestricted groups) or "Apply For Membership in This Group" button (restricted groups). Then follow the instructions.

Hopefully including how too set up a password.

Note that a password is not required to log in. The member can opt to use the "Email me a link to log in" function instead.

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