Re: Feature request GDPR compliance #membership

Chris Jones

On Wed, Jul 18, 2018 at 03:35 PM, <groupsio@...> wrote:
But I managed a groups io list where the committee have decided that in order to comply with GDRP every member must re-subscribe every 2 years.
Is there anything in the GDPR that points towards the above being a requirement?

I think I would argue that your committee has made a rod for its own back and is now looking for someone else (ultimately Mark) to provide a technical solution. has its own Privacy Policy and Mark has taken / is taking specialised advice about what is necessary to keep in compliance with the requirements of the GDPR, and AFAIK renewals every other year don't feature.

I'm far from certain that it is in any way reasonable for your committee to more or less mandate that finds a technical solution to a problem that it itself has generated, particularly so given that there is no clear legal requirement behind your request.

I have found what I think is your group's website, and I notice that there is no sign of a "Privacy Policy" statement anywhere on it! What I did notice is that there are several photographs of people who I assume to be some of your members; did each and every one of them give you permission in writing to use their image(s) on your website, and how long does that permission remain valid?



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