Feature request GDPR compliance #membership



Apologies if this has already been discussed or indeed this is the incorrect place for new feature requests. But I managed a groups io list where the committee have decided that in order to comply with GDRP every member must re-subscribe every 2 years.

After the issues getting people to subscribe in the first place I can see this being a nightmare!

My idea of a feature request is to have an extra field with a date that the acceptance with GDRP was declared for each member. Then have a function where the list sends a URL to each member and by clicking on this the field is updated.

Then have a feature where members people with out of date acceptances can be emailed to remind them to do so. (Allow for specific text to be entered).

Finally a feature to remove all members with out of date acceptances from the list.

Apologies if this has already been raised or indeed it's the incorrect place. The list was created December 2016 so time left!



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