Re: Freedom of speech

Glenn Glazer

On 7/13/2018 12:01, Helen Howes wrote:
I run several Old sewing Machine groups, mostly now rehomed happily here. We moderate just about everyone, and regard this as a necessary method, as otherwise the levels of misinformation, snarkiness, and just plain "I want my say" can get out of hand really quickly. The phrase we use is "This is not a democracy - if you want to run a group, perhaps you should start one for yourself.."
Works for us <grin>

Helen Howes
Vintage Stitchers Groups Official Grumpy Cow...
I think it really depends on the members.  I run two groups, both completely unmoderated and the closest I've every gotten to needing to moderate was a slightly snarky comment about "You two should get a room.".  ;)

Clearly, YMMV.



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