Re: How to transfer specific messages back to Yahoo? #changing #yahoo #howto

Jim Higgins

Received from Tamara Larson via Groups.Io at 7/12/2018 07:43 PM UTC:

Thank you, Shal. Legally, we are not supposed to discuss anything that is a topic of executive session outside that group. That's what I meant.


If that's the situation that has you wanting to move messages back to the exec session group, I wouldn't bother moving them. I'd delete them and tell the poster to repost to the proper forum. If they persist, then I'd put them on moderated status in the "wrong" forum and reject inappropriate postings that should have been posted to the exec forum. This will give them incentive to correct their behavior and it avoids you having to forward messages that would then have your info in the headers when you weren't the original author of those messages.

There are times when the urge to help correct others' mistakes should be ignored. I think this may be one of them.

Jim H

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