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On 4 Jul 2018 at 19:45, Glenn Glazer wrote:

To quibble, though, that's a pun on "file".  The EOF at the end of a Hollerith
deck was to indicate that the program ended there, not a file that the program
was reading.  That is, the punch card EOF is code EOF, the C style EOF is data.
To clarify the situation I was talking about, on that computer (English
Electric DEUCE) the "EOF" marker was a single hole anywhere in one particular
column of the card (I don't remember for sure if it was column 1 or column 80).
The machine read rows of binary from the card (progams or data) and it stopped
reading as soon as that hole was encountered, so rows further down the card
were ignored. This was unlike other punched card machinery, which normally read
cards as columns of decimal/alpha, one digit per column. Input data in that
format (which was normal) had to be converted on the fly by the program as the
cards were read.

PS Sorry this is such a late reply - had no internet connection since last
Thursday evening, when I drafted the above. Service went off before I could
send it.


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