Griduino News: what's new

Barry K7BWH

What’s new with Griduino these days?


Product in stock: I have several new Griduino kits packaged up and ready to go. All they need is an order and I’ll slap on a label. You can always see the stock available by clicking ‘Buy Now’ and before placing an order it tells you how many are available, currently 7. If it’s out-of-stock then it won’t accept an order.

Recent sales: Two kits were recently sold to various hams in Texas. At least one of those have been assembled already and it worked the first time without any problems.

Photography: Check out the new ‘hero image’ at the top of Finally got rid of those pesky screen reflections. I re-shot this one on a DSLR (instead of my trusty iPhone 8) in a ghetto photo lab as a flat photo in front of a big picture window (an accurate description but pun intended anyway) on a cloudy day. Who needs an expensive D50 lighting lab when you live in Seattle and  every day is a cloudy day. I got tons of helpful advice from a pro, Brian KB2S.

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Another new image is a fully labelled home screen. I made this for a Griduino article published in the Redmond Radio Club’s newsletter.

Graphical user interface

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Barry Hansen K7BWH