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Barry Hansen

What’s new with Griduino these days?


Case: I have a drilling template for adding a hole precisely over the Reset button. This makes it easier to enter “bootloader mode” using a toothpick. (No paperclips allowed!) Look in GitHub in the “hardware” folder for Manual cutting template for Polycase cover.pdf  like this:

Graphical user interface

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Trademark: I received a warm personal heartfelt letter from Kim Wyman, Washington Secretary of State, gushing praise for our incredible project (I might be exaggerating slightly) and she approved my application for trademarking “Griduino.”

Display: We’re looking closely at how the display surface is mounted to its PCB carrier. The pancake assembly is held together only by a big piece of double-stick tape. In some cases, such as a careless assembler or it getting too hot, the glass part can slide out of alignment on the PCB. We’re looking at some better ways of holding the display glass square to the Polycase window.

Barometer: Adafruit announced the BMP390 breakout board, a drop-in replacement for our current BMP388 barometric sensor. This will improve accuracy to +/- 0.25m compared to our current +/- 0.5m. Price is almost the same, so we’ll phase in the new sensor after our current stocks are used up.



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