barometric sensor

Barry K7BWH

Action is required if you compile Griduino source code.

The next time you refresh your source from, please update your Arduino code libraries.

I’ve updated the pressure sensor code to use the latest BMP3XX library. You’ll get a compile error unless you update to the v2 library from Adafruit:

  • Run the Arduino workbench
  • Tools > Manage Libraries … > Type: Updateable
  • Find “Adafruit BMP3XX Library” in the list and update to the latest version
  • It’s okay to get all the latest library dependencies, too. I have done so and tested them.


When we started the Griduino project in early 2020, Adafruit offered only one barometric sensor: BMP388. In October 2020, Bosch introduced a more sensitive device, BMP390, and Adafruit followed suit to sell it on a pin-compatible breakout board. However, it’s not quite software-compatible. I bought and tested the new BMP390 to make sure it works successfully and today I checked in the code changes. Griduino software will now work with either barometric sensor and is a little more future-proof.

Q: How much more sensitive is the BMP390 than the BMP388?
A: Not enough to make any difference to Griduino. Maybe if you use the BMP388 in flying a drone you might see some benefit.

  • BMP388              +/- 8 Pascals (0.5 meters altitude)
  • BMP390              +/- 3 Pascals (0.25 meters altitude)


I hope you’re having fun with your Griduino!


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Barry Hansen K7BWH