Can't get QRZ log test to do anything #issue #problem

Bruce Dagel, WB0GAG

When I click the test button for QRZ, the only thing that happens is the button changes to show it's being clicked.  No entry in Result.
I have the QRZ API added.
I have an active subscription to QRZ.
GT version is 1.23.0402.
Lotw, ClubLog and eQSL all tested OK and work.
For QRZ, only the Log? bullet is green.  I tried turning on the Menu bullet, but no change.

Bruce Dagel, WB0GAG

I have also uninstalled and reinstalled GridTracker and verified the API copy and paste did not miss or add any characters.

Kevin Chance

Bruce - I am having a similar problem. I'm having the same problem you describe with the test button for QRZ, but I'm also unable to get QRZ, ClubLog or LoTW to pass their tests.  They just say "testing" after I click.  I'm replying here so that I'm notified of any helpful responses.  Thank you.

Kevin, KN6WKM


l actually pass my test but QRZ has never uploaded - I have been doing it manually.

I too want to be notified of the response - not a big deal - love the software and a fix would save me a few clicks.