Re: #featurerequest Dedicate Alerts Button #featurerequest

Randy Allen

The moveable alerts window refers to the pop up window you get when you select "Visual PopUp" for Notify when creating your alert.

The Alerts Tab in Settings is where you create your alerts.  The new feature has nothing to do with how the settings window works.

I run 3 monitors, and this works well for me as I can choose which monitor and where the pop up alert window is displayed and it stays there even after restart until I move it.

Hope this helps


Randy KA0AZS

On 3/30/2023 09:49, Paul N3PS via wrote:
So I just i stalled the new version of GT which is noted to have a “movable alerts window” . . . All I’m finding is the one that remains a tab within settings . . .  How does one “move it”?    

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