WSJT-X rel 2.5.2 with GridTracker rel 1.23 and Klog rel 2.3

Karl Heimbach

I run both Windows 10 and Linux.

Under Windows, running WSJT-X, GridTracker, and ACLog, FT8 contacts are logged in both GridTracker and ACLog.

In Linux (most current Mint release), WSJT-X will log contacts in GridTracker or in Klog, but not in both at the same time.

In Linux, while running both GridTracker and Klog along with WSJT-X, contacts are logged only in GridTracker, but are not passed to Klog.  If I close GridTracker and manually log again with WSJT-X, the contact goes into Klog.

I've tried all sorts of configuration combinations, but have been unsuccessful.

Has anyone been able to make this work?


Karl - W5QJ

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