Guidelines for Our Participation in GreyNet
GreyNet supports a vigorous and positive attitude towards GreySheet abstinence. We share our personal Experience, Strength, and Hope (ESH) on our GreySheet abstinence.
How We Share on GreyNet
·        Qualify by telling what it was like, what happened, and what it's like now with regard to our food addiction and our GreySheet abstinence.
·        Share our ESH on a topic raised by a previous post.
·        Refer to AA or GreySheet literature.
·        Make GreySheet-related announcements about meetings, events, etc.
·        Ask GreySheet-related questions, such as how to stay abstinent when traveling, etc.
·        Ask for support, such as phone numbers, available sponsors, resources, etc.
What We Avoid on GreyNet
·        Mentioning specific foods by name.
·        Asking questions about the definition of abstinence (discuss with sponsor only).
·        Cross talk.
·        Naming other members unless we want to congratulate them on their GreySheet anniversaries, thank them for a specific service to the GreySheet community, ask for their contact information, provide their email as a contact person for a GS event, or they specifically give us permission and we explicitly state this in our message.
We Will Be Removed from GreyNet for
•            Attacking other people (Even if we do this privately).
•            Attacking the GreySheet food plan or program.
•            Attacking or harassing the GreyNet Moderator.

How To Post On The GreyNet from the GreyNet website

•            Click on “New Topic” on the left side of the Home page

•            Type message and click on Send.


·      Send an email from your email application to


How To Reply To A Post On The GreyNet

•            Do NOT click on “reply” as we would normally do to respond to an email. This will include the original message (i.e., crosstalk) and will not be posted.

•            To Reply To Post Privately: Click on “Reply To Sender” at bottom of an individual post or click on the sender’s email address in the Digest. This will send our message to the individual directly and privately.

•            To Reply/Make Comment To Entire Group: Click on “Reply To Group” at the bottom of the post. This will allow us to comment and/or reply to a post without including the original post and will avoid cross talk. (We may also begin “New Topic” and reference the original post in the title, but avoid using the member’s name.)

When in doubt, or if we have any questions about these guidelines, we email the moderator before we post:

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