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This is a group where you can post all your recipes, whether they are tried n true (TNT), something your grandma or mom has handed down or a recipe that you found on the internet, in a cookbook or magazine or saw in a newspaper. 

There will be no "theme" in this group so it's basically a "free-for-all". 

There is a posting requirement in this group and group members will need to post one (1) recipe to the group every month. 

Email must be set at either "Individual Mail" or "Daily Digest" only. "Special Notices" is for vacation or for emergencies and "No Mail" may never be used. 

Please keep your email from bouncing. If you think you're going to bounce, change to "Daily Digest". 

Let's have some fun in this group and post great recipes to share. 

Questions? Please email me at 

Rhonda Listmom

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