Making window inserts for Gilbert streamlined passenger cars


Gilbert purist, read no further! I would not want you to have a heart seizure because I am "mutilating" some vintage cars. They weren't in great shape when I bought them.

I am detailing the cars, adding passengers, DC/DCC lighting, new trucks, etc. I need help making windows. I can easily cut the length and width on my mini table saw. The problem is the corners. What tool can I use to make the tight radius corners? A friend suggested a router. Has anyone overcome this problem? How? What tools did you use? 

Filing the corners down by hand is possible, but accuracy and uniformity are hard to achieve with hand tools. Plus doing four corners on each window is a daunting proposition.

Thanks for your help.


P.S.: I am cross posting this on a few sites. Sorry if that annoys anyone. Please bear with me.

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