1956 Gilbert HO train set?.


Back in 1956 I received a Gilbert HO trainset.  The track (if any) disappeared a long time ago.

What I remember, first and foremost was the NYC Hudson (I still have it), a red 8 wheel center cupola caboose (American Flyer?), an orange reefer, and maybe a green gondola..

And It seemed that it had a green power pack, actually a variable transformer that hummed louder the older it got.  Not sure if the power pack was from Gilbert.  I'm not sure if this was an assembled set

from things my dad found at the local hobby shop or if it had been sold as a set.  Just 3 years before I got a Flyer set for Christmas, so the HO set may have been assembled for economy..

Any ideas of whether this was a factory set sold by Gilbert?

ken clark


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