Re: Some projects I've been working on...

Ron Ehrenhofer

Great job Joe, I love the details.

On May 28, 2018 at 5:53 PM "Joe King via Groups.Io" <jbkeik060811@...> wrote:

Thanks guys! Hope everyone enjoyed their holiday. Dom, you're absolutely right. We know they planned a Penn Salt but never made one. I'll be doing that one shortly with the number Maury assigned to it. 

Brian and Daryl. Thanks. The boxes were/are a challenge. I'm fighting trying to get the gray to come out correct when it's printed digitally along with a compression issue when the file is saved. Once I get the bugs ironed out, I may make some boxes to list as replacements on EBay but for now, they will just be for the fantasy cars I make. I did make some extra inserts for the window boxes and listed them in eBay. 

Here's the final pics of the two cars with their respective boxes I took for the new owner. 

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