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Ken Clark

  Thanks for the info.
I find that tolerances in our models is such that dimensions like 3/32nd and 2.4mm are interchangeable.
Perhaps if we can identify enough ACGilbert products with this worm it will generate interest in an aftermarket replacement. 

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That worm gear was also used on an S gauge accessory, though I can't for the life of me remember which one. I had picked up a couple on eBay that were sold as an S gauge worm gear. Before buying them I asked for some dimensions and they matched the HO motor worm. I bought them and they were the same gear.

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Recently I acquired a mid 50's HO DC Hudson.  The OEM motor was labeled a 7-15 volt universal motor.
The motor was worn and drew a lot of current.  I replaced it with a 18mm square 4 magnet 6 pole DC motor.
The hardest part was removing the worm from the OEM motor.  Has anyone made a replacement worm available for
installation on a new motor??
  The OEM worm appeared to be a bored for a 2.4mm shaft.  I had to make a long sleeve to mount it the worm on a 2mm
shaft motor.  Was the same worm used on other Gilbert HO steamers?

ken clark

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