Re: Some projects I've been working on...

Hey Joe, nice going on the listings. Your approaching the S gauge numbers with the HO versions. They are nice man.

On Wednesday, May 23, 2018 6:30 PM, Joe King via Groups.Io <jbkeik060811@...> wrote:

Hi guys,
I've started working on a few projects now that the weather is nice, sorta... First up is a AA set of S gauge F units that I've painted as M&StL for a friend. The power unit was an original square step B&M that had a chunk broken out of the side. The dummy was a later streamlined B&M dummy. I repaired the power unit shell and modified the dummy unit steps to match the power unit shell. The power unit rear truck sideframe is incorrect so you can see in the pics it sits low 

Next up is a group of fantasy HO cars I've been playing with. I made a Gilbert Chemical tank, Bakers Chocolate tank, Canadian National reefer and Rath reefer. There's a couple more that I'll be doing including the Penn Salt tankcar and A.R.T. reefer. I'll be sure to take better pics Dale and submit them to you so you can update the page with them. 

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