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Hey guys, Joe, I did the same thing! I saw the listing and kept looking at it. I knew the caboose was pre war but I never realized how it was marked. That is until the last time I really looked at it, read the heading, and saw what it was. It never sunk in that he did mention a die cast caboose with the 131. It did come with that 124 Merchants Despatch. I asked him where it may have come from and if it was in the family. he said it came from a group of trains in an auction. It could have been anyone of us that got this. That is a good thing. If not, it may never have been seen or found. I guess it's meant to be so these items can be documented and saved to add to the Gilbert HO history. I saved the listing pages and printed tham so it will always be with the car. It is a strange one that's for sure. Still, I have to believe it is used up old stock and was put into a post war set. Most likely a very early post war set.

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Hi Dale,
There was a 124 MDT reefer with the caboose in that listing. While it is possible that it's a paint sample or graphics sample of some sort, I believe it as Dom said is simply an example of Gilbert using up old stock. 

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