Re: The 33507 D&H gondolas

Joe King

Hi Dale,
Yes, the 1959/60 versions of the 33507 are the sane car carrying 3 containers. The 59' will have sprung trucks, the 1960 will have solid trucks as mine does above albeit missing one container. The uncataloged version of the 33507 is painted over a Trap Rock, which is the Hong Kong gondola started in 61. I know of only 5 "pikemaster" 33507 that exist.

Same goes with the 33116 Bethlehem Steel. That car was made as both a regular gondola with the rail load and also in a much harder to find  "pikemaster" version with no load(again, painted over a Trap Rock).

Here's a picture of all of the pikemaster gondolas, sans the variations of the Monon, NH and Trap Rock. 

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