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Brian4321 W


That is a great score!  Looking forward to seeing the finished product.


On Wednesday, April 18, 2018, 4:31:16 PM EDT, al45390 <bayerw2@...> wrote:

Super find. Congrats! 
In the photos the wheel flanges appear to be somewhat less of the "typical" pizza-cutter variety that Rivarossi used. Is that really the case?


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Hey Joe, that is very very nice. I never knew about such a piece. I just love the old cast and heavy toy train engines from back then. There is something about them being more than just another plastic toy. Is that an original Rivarossi coupler on the tender? Is that similar to Gilberts' pre and post war couplers? That Blue Print is the topping on the cake I would say?

On Wednesday, April 18, 2018 4:39 AM, Joe King via Groups.Io <> wrote:

I'm primarily a Gilbert HO collector but I also collect vintage Tyco/Mantua, Marx, Varney and other vintage HO. There are a few "Holy Grail" items in these lines such as the Varney bronze streamlined pacific and prewar R1 electric, the Penn Line Crusader and a few others. One of them being one of the first engines Rivarossi produced in 1948, the Hiawatha. Much like the late prewar American Flyer items, most of these Rivarossi trains suffered heavily from Zinc Pest. Finding one today that isn't destroyed is a feat in itself, Then you have to pay for it, ouch... I stumbled on this Hiawatha last week in its original box and assembled but never run. There's absolutely zero zinc problems and other than the amateur paint job it's in remarkable condition. To my knowledge, this is the only boxed SM442 Hiawatha kit known to exist. I plan on stripping the poor paint off of the shells and refinishing it in the correct color scheme. I will be copying the original decals that are still rolled up in the kit to use instead of the originals.  Here's a few pics of the newest centerpiece in my collection.

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