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When witches go riding and black cats are seen,
The moon laughs and whispers 'Tis near Halloween'


Welcome to Ghosts, Goblins N Gore!

We share year round anything Halloween related, Goth and fantasy.  We do share Cute to Scary Halloween and we ask our members to start the subject line with C on the cute ones.  We do this so members that don't want to see the scary stuff won't open them unless they want to!  We don't do hard core Goth and absolutely no nudity.  We are rated G - SAC and ask that all SAC shares have that in the subject line.  New members must share within the first 5 days after joining.  NO reminder will be sent you will be removed from the group.  During June through October members are required to share twice a week, more is always appreciated.  You can share everything from graphics to recipes and more! If sharing Stats or IM you MUST state it in the subject line or we will no longer allow them to be shared in our group.  If you have issues just contact an owner at the owners email and we will be glad to try and help you.  Don't be shy and don't get scared cause if it goes bump in the night it belongs here!

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