Ghost Riders

Company A, 158th AHB, 101st Airborne Division; Camp Evans, I Corps, Republic of Vietnam - APO 96383----
This group is "RESTRICTED" to former unit members and/or their families.
A Company, 158th Aviation Battalion (Assault Helicopter) (Aimobile) was activated 25 July 1968 by General Order number 244, dated 25 July 1968 at Fort Carson, Colorado, under the command of Major Maurice Dougherty. Organized from the existing 246th and 247th Aviation Companies at Fort Carson and at Fort Riley, the unit was assigned command and control elements and the needed additional personnel and equipment for its eventual deployment to Vietnam. HHC, A, B and D Companies were stationed at Fort Carson for training, while C Company remained at Fort Riley, Kansas. Their training began on 9 September 1968, and they were deployed to Vietnam in February of 1969. The "Ghost Riders" stood down during December 1971/January 1972; Ending an illustrious chapter in the history of Army Aviation.

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