Early diesel switcher paint schemes

Simon <simon_dunkley@...>

Afternoon all,

I have acquired a couple of lovely models, for an EMC/D SW1 and an Alco S2. Neither are in CofG paint schemes, and I wish to repaint them into schemes appropriate for the late 1940s. The brief feature of SW1 #1 in The Right Way vol 12, no. 3, had a photo taken shortly after delivery, which suggests a single dark colour (black?) with a couple of light coloured stripes (white?) and a rectangular logo (this would be easy to paint!) but what colours were they, was this also applied to the S2s, how long did they last in this scheme?

They will see service on my (model) shortline, so if anyone has any information on such motive power in use on branch lines or short lines, I would also appreciate that!

Pointers to on-line sources, in print books, etc, gratefully received as well.