Another pesky Brit with lots of questions

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Simon, hi

Good to know another Brit has an interest in Georgia`s shortlines,though we could have made it easier for our self`s and modeled them in HO!.

(the other Brit!)

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Simon -

I second Conrad's welcome. I've been the to the UK twice and was made welcome by the railway enthusiasts there both times when I visited various operating museums (I believe you call them "preserved railways.")

Unfortunately, I have no answers to your questions, but perhaps someone on the list has.

Again, Welcome Aboard!

Bob Hanson
Loganville, GA

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Welcome to the group. Those were interesting lines. Each one has an interesting history. At one time a person could make quite a trip from Louisville to Wadley and thence on south to connect up with other little short lines. No doubt many a salesman (drummer) used the L&W, the Stillmore Air Line, the Wadley & Mt. Vernon, etc to call on many a customer down south.
Its great to hear that some folks across the Big Pond are interested in some of the quaint short lines of Georgia. Good to hear from you.
Conrad Cheatham, formerly of Louisville, GA

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Evening everyone,

Time for another Englishman to say hello - I am only about 90 minutes from Brian Tovey, as it turns out, but further East.

I am also likely to ask a lot of questions - the subject line is how a VP of an American software firm once described me, but it was taken in the good humour it was made.

Anyway, unlike Brian, I don't model in Proto:48, but S scale but to Proto:64 standards. I have done this with (mostly!) British outline for the past thirty years plus, at rates of productivity downwards from low, and frankly needed a change. I also was honest with myself about my love of Central of Georgia-owned short lines and also "Russian" decapods! I have already accumulated a shelf full of suitable (and sometimes, slightly less suitable) kits and RTR, and have most of a UK single garage (maximum dimensions 17' long by 8'10" wide, with protrusions into the latter) at my disposal.

Although I do indeed have lots and lots of questions, I will restrain myself to three:

1) I have the Model Railroader Drawing of SC 103/CG 403, but wondered if there are any drawings of the ten-wheelers used on the WT, WS and L&W?

2) Is anyone aware of any drawings for the "Jim Crow" combines used in the late 1940s on any of these lines?

3) Finally, I am trying to find details of tie spacing for these lines during the late 1940s. I imagine that as well as having lighter rail than mainlines, the ties would be spaced further apart than on mainlines, and might even pre-date the various standards of ARA/AAR/AREMA? Plain track and points (turnouts, if you prefer) if possible.

I joined the CofGRHS, and must say I am impressed with "The Right Way": very high quality of content and presentation.

Toodle pip!

Simon Dunkley,
Oakham, Rutland, UK