Another pesky Brit with lots of questions

Simon <simon_dunkley@...>

Evening everyone,

Time for another Englishman to say hello - I am only about 90 minutes from Brian Tovey, as it turns out, but further East.

I am also likely to ask a lot of questions - the subject line is how a VP of an American software firm once described me, but it was taken in the good humour it was made.

Anyway, unlike Brian, I don't model in Proto:48, but S scale but to Proto:64 standards. I have done this with (mostly!) British outline for the past thirty years plus, at rates of productivity downwards from low, and frankly needed a change. I also was honest with myself about my love of Central of Georgia-owned short lines and also "Russian" decapods! I have already accumulated a shelf full of suitable (and sometimes, slightly less suitable) kits and RTR, and have most of a UK single garage (maximum dimensions 17' long by 8'10" wide, with protrusions into the latter) at my disposal.

Although I do indeed have lots and lots of questions, I will restrain myself to three:

1) I have the Model Railroader Drawing of SC 103/CG 403, but wondered if there are any drawings of the ten-wheelers used on the WT, WS and L&W?

2) Is anyone aware of any drawings for the "Jim Crow" combines used in the late 1940s on any of these lines?

3) Finally, I am trying to find details of tie spacing for these lines during the late 1940s. I imagine that as well as having lighter rail than mainlines, the ties would be spaced further apart than on mainlines, and might even pre-date the various standards of ARA/AAR/AREMA? Plain track and points (turnouts, if you prefer) if possible.

I joined the CofGRHS, and must say I am impressed with "The Right Way": very high quality of content and presentation.

Toodle pip!

Simon Dunkley,
Oakham, Rutland, UK