Albany & Northern #9

Donnie Hensley

Thomas Lawson asked me a very intriguing question yesterday:
"Why the Pidcocks bought the Brooks-Scanlon #9 for the Albany & Northern Ry. in 1952? 
This deal makes absolutely no sense to me and I donunderstand it at all.
There were four bought new diesels (two 70Ts, a DS4-4-660 and an SW8) on the A&N/GAS&C/GN
combined rosters in 1950. There was all kinds of dead, but seemingly serviceable, steam power
parked around the shop at Moultrie in 1952. So why buy the B-S #9, park it at Albany and then
never fire it up?
In fact, I have no photographic evidence anywhere in my files showing ANY Pidcock Lines steam
locomotive actually in service taken after 1947! "
Do any of ya'll know why the bought the #9?
Like Tom I have never seen a #9 steamed up, it was always at the coaling platform at Albany.
And looking at my own collection I have found no operating steam in the late 40's or the 50's, they are always parked at Moultrie.
They ran a lot of railfan events in the 50's using the motorcars, but no steam.
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