[GaRRHistory] G&F Augusta Yard

Conrad Cheatham

  You have received some good advice from Bob Hanson and Warren Stephens. I will add my 2 pennies.
   If you are in Augusta or near there you might check at the Richmond County library to see if they have any Sanborn Insurance maps of Augusta from before 1965. Its possible they have some on microfilm. Or they may be able to borrow some on microfilm.
   I have some 8.5x11 inch station maps of part of the G&F. These are from several sources. Some are valuation maps.
   I have: Blythe, McAdoo, Torbit, Gough, Vidette, Rosier, McGruder, Stevens Crossing, Stevens Crossin closeup, Swainsboro,Valdosta,
  Augusta Southern: Augusta yard and engine house, Debruce, Hephzibah, Keysville interchange with Augusta & Florida RR,  Keysville depot area, Keysville siding extension, Wrens, Stapleton, Avera, Chalker, Warthen, Tennille prposed freight depot, Tennille proposed extension.
    Unfortunately, I did not get all of the G&F. I was focusing on some particular areas.
   I will be glad to make copies of any of these for you for ten cents a sheet + postage of $5.00. It will take a few days to copy these and get them in the mail.
   Conrad Cheatham
   201 B Maple Street
   Elsberry, MO 63343

From: Chris Dills
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I'm trying to find a decent map of the G&F's Augusta yard. Do any of you have or know where I can find such a thing? And is there any chance that any of you have track profiles for the G&F?