G&F Pullman Cars

Jerry LaBoda

Here is car #100 [2nd] as it appeared on the ake Winnepesaukee Scenic and in Concord...

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In the past 24 hours I've managed to locate both of the Pullman cars that the G&F purchased in 1955.

The Mountain Road did in fact go to the TVRM and was sold at an auction in 1988 to a private individual. This person apparently donated it to the Greater Cincinatti Railroad Museum in Covington, KY. It's still there now albeit in bad shape. This place is basically just a storage yard that charges a few dollars for anyone to just walk through and plunder through the cars on Saturdays.

The Mt. Hillers/(2nd) #100 was purchased by a private individual in the late 1980's and stored/used at a tourist railroad, the Lake Winnepesaukee Scenic in Meredith, NH till about 1992. It was then transferred to the Merrimack Valley RR in Northfield, NH an used until the owner's death in 2005. The car was then sold in 2006 to a private individual in Louisiana. He has not been able to move it though and the car is currently stored on a spur in Tilton, NH at a 3M plant.