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A few questions;
1. In the 1943 Official Register of Passenger Train Equipment, it lists the G&F as having two 72' 62-Passenger coaches. This seems a little strange as there are also 60' coaches listed as 62-Passengers also. Do any of you know anything about these cars, and whether they had four or six wheel trucks? And would these have been the normal clerestory roof fair that was common on the G&F? Or could they have had a arch/round roof?
2. Alan Lind's book on the St Louis Car Company indicates that the G&F bought the trailer coaches for both the #40 and #41 Vulcan units. This would seem unlikely as passenger train service ended in 1949 on the G&F. So I really can't see the necessity of buying them in 1955. Can any of you confirm that Lind's statement in the book is correct? 
3. There were two Pullman observation cars purchased in 1955 by the G&F. The first car, Mt Hillers, became the G&F 's second #100 business car. According to Pullman records, it was in the worst shape of the two. According to Langley's book, the second car, Mountain Road was put into MOW service then later donated to the Tennessee Valley Railroad Museum. Do any of you know what happened to the car?  I have not been able to locate it at TVRM or find anyone that knows anything about this.

Jerry LaBoda

The differences in the length and seat number could easily be explained by whether or not bench seating vs. individual seating was used.  If bench seating was used the spacing would have been a lot closer together than with individual seating which would have had a wider spacing..

As for the G&F 100, it is said to be for sale (not sure whose handling its sale) and currently wears maroon paint with Pullman lettering and the car name "Granite State"...

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