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Conrad Cheatham

Preacher Man,
Have you seen the new book on the Georgia & Florida RR by Grant? I believe it deals with all 3.
A fellow by the name of Bob Hanson is working on a new book on Georgia shortlines. Bob knows a great deal about most GA shortlines. He has written books on the Georgia RR and the West Point Route.
There was another book on Georgia railroads that came out in the late 1980s or early 1990s.
If you go to Atlanta and to the Emory University library out at Decatur you will find the bound ICC Valuation reports. They are downstairs & are interesting to read, but you will need an index.
Conrad Cheatham, Elsberry, MO

Richard Nichols <preacher1112@...> wrote:
Gentlemen, my "handle" is preacher1112. I am new to the group, and when I saw this group, I was elated, and I was even more elated that the Moderator approved me. I am a retired attorney and I am doing research on three south Georgia railroads, 2 of which are abandoned and 1 partially abandoned. The purpose of this post is task if you can share any information on these railroads. I am a member of an abandoned railroad group and they have been helpful. My purpose is to compile history from any references I can find. I would like legends, whether truthful or not, personal observations, newpaper articles and even books on the railroads. I want to write a book on each railroad, but I would like to have indepth research .
1. The Waycross and Western (W&W); (2) Milltown Airline Railroad (MAL), later to become Lake Air Line. (3) The part of the Georgia-Florida (G&F) abandoned in Coffee and Atkinson County, Georgia.
The W & W ran from Waycross to Lakeland, GA, which at the time was called Milltown. It was abandoned in the 1920s and the road bed for the W&W is now GA hwy 122. Even though it was in Waycross, it never was absorbed by either the of the major railroads that went through Waycross.
The Milltown Airline Railroad went from Milltown (Lakeland) to Naylor, GA which is located on U.S. Highway 84 east of Valdosta. I know nothing about MAL except the note on the mural showing a locomotive on the side of a building in Lakeland.
The portion of the G&F in Coffee and Atkinson has some great history. The G&F has been upgraded and open from Willacoochee to Valdosta. I have more sources on that railroad than the others
I appreciate any references you can give me on these railroad.

Preacher 1112

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