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Conrad Cheatham

I live in Missouri now so I can't answer that question except to say that intercity bus service has really changed in this country over the last 20+ years. The Dirty Dog, Greyhound, is still around but has trimmed its routes a great deal. There are a number of newer bus companies but I don't know if any of them run the routes of the old Mixed Trains. I think most buses pretty much stick to the major highways, like the interstates. Atlanta to Augusta is on I-20, but I doubt if Camak to Macon is a major route.Likewise Barnett to Washington.
We have become a nation that is heavy on auto driving and flying. Amtrak carries a small percentage of intercity travelers as do the buses.
Enjoy your memories.

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I have placed some photos and timetable extracts into a photo
Also, members are welcome to join my Georgia Railroad mixed
freight/passenger train group and the group for people
interested in
mixed trains, rail motor cars and RDC's. There are many Georgia
photos and timetables at my group. Also, I have a selection of

I rode the Georgia Railroad mixed train from Atlanta to Augusta

John Coyle, Brisbane Australia.
I enjoyed your Georgia RR material. In the good old days I rode
the main line, the Washington Branch, and the Macon Branch. Things
have changed a great deal since then.

I am so glad that I at least rode the main line. However, I regret
not spending a week in Georgia and riding ALL of the Georgia
Railroad mixed trains! Time just didn't permit me to do so at the
time. I rode other rail lines, which I am also pleased that I got to

My interest now is finding out what former mixed train routes have a
bus service along them. I know that the Atlanta-Augusta route does,
but what about other former GARR mixed train routes?

John Coyle