GA RR Box Cars To Hacks

John Degnan <Scaler164@...>

Hello Group,

In reference to the boxcars that were cut up to create the hacks (cabooses) such as #s 2839 and 2849...

1. What class(s) were these box cars?

2. When were they built?

3. How long did they last before being hacked into cabs?


4. Does anyone have photos and/or drawings of these box cars?

I have only ONE photo of these box cars - # 19443, but was this type box car the ONLY type that was rebuilt to hacks by the GARR?.

There is a possibility that these cars could be produced in S scale and HO scale in the future "IF" enough photos and info and drawings can be found for them.


John Degnan
The Seaboard Air Line Railroad Information Collective and Photo Gallery