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Simon Dunkley <simon_dunkley@...>

Sorry, wasn't clear, but following on from the earlier messages in the thread, was talking about the Central.

On 6 Oct 2013, at 02:53, Frank Greene <frgreene290@...> wrote:


I'm curious, Simon, since you're asking about SW1 #2 and a S-2, are you looking for Georgia RR schemes?  I ask because, I don't think the GA had either.  The Central of GA had both, including a SW1 #2.
Frank Greene
Canton, GA

On 10/5/2013 8:27 AM, Robert Hanson wrote:
You would be interested, I suppose, in the as-delivered scheme.  

What you really need is a paint diagram.  This would show exactly the specifications of the stripes and their placement.

Unfortunately I do not have a diagram of this scheme.

Ron Dettmer, who worked in the mechanical department of the Georgia Railroad (I was in the accounting department) might have this information.

If he's on line, I hope he'll respond,  If not, I'll try to get in touch with him and find out what the specs are.  (He lives near Jacksonville, FL, I'm near Atlanta, GA.)


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Hi Robert,

You are correct: I am in the UK. This makes you both close (figuratively) and far (physically)!

I have an SW1, which is intended to be number 2, and also an S2: number yet to be decided. My modelling is set (mostly) in the late 1940s.


On 4 Oct 2013, at 22:31, Robert Hanson <RHanson669@...> wrote:

How early, Simon?

There were four switcher schemes - a very early scheme of black (or blue) with stripes, a slightly later one of blue with a silver band, a solid blue scheme with silver lettering, and a final one of solid black with white lettering.

You don't say where you are, but your use of the term "livery" for the US term "paint scheme" suggests that you might be in the UK.

How close am I?

Bob Hanson
Loganville, GA

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More questions!

Does anyone have any measurements of the early switcher livery, i.e. width of the white stripes, and location up from the deck, and size and location of the logo and the number and typeface?

Simon Dunkley, a long way from Georgia.

Simon Dunkley

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