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This Group is for users and collectors of the test and measurement equipment made throughout much of the 20th century by General Radio (later GenRad)
of Concord, Massachusetts.Their product line included Impedance Bridges; Resistance, Capacitance, and Inductance Decades; Variac brand variable autotransformers; Strobotacs; Noise Sources; Sound Level Meters and Analyzers; Unit Oscillators, Amplifiers, Detectors, and Generators; and the GR-874 and GR-900 series of hermaphroditic coaxial connectors. All who share our interests are welcome.


This Group is the successor to the former Yahoo Group of the same name.

An important part of this hobby is the buying and selling of gear. Such posting are permitted, but, please put the following in the Subject line of all such posts:

WTB = Wanted To Buy;  FS = For Sale;  FA = For Auction (as in eBay); FT = For Trade

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