Re: Connecting GPS to G2

Rene Goerlich

Hi Matthew,

I have a Losmandy GPS unit and was wondering how it connects to the G2 using the large and small connector on the end of the GPS. I only have the small piece of paper instructions which accompanied the GPS for Gemini 1 which says to plug the large connector into the feature port and small connector into the Gemini rs232 port.

I'm not aware of an adapter available, but if you are willing to use the GPS only at the G2, you can cut an Y-piece containing both G1 plugs and some inches of the cable off and crimp a RJ12 as described below onto the GPS unit. I've attached a tiny photo of the plug, if it not comes through, I'll upload it to the file section.

There's even a chance that you could solder a RJ12 socket onto the cut-off plugs to use it at the G1.

Here's the email I wrote last year:

I've been testing with and using the Losmandy GPS units (older Garmin
GPS 18 LVC and newer Garmin GPS 18x LVC) for some months now. A new 6P6C
plug for G2 is easily crimped onto the 5 meter cable, one looses only
some inches. An adapter would make sense for people using both G1 and
G2. I'd propose to cut off the cable with the two plugs for G1 (leave
some inches to the split) , crimp a RJ12 plug onto the GPS unit (wiring
see below). One would then only need to solder a RJ12 socket to the
cable with the two plugs (same wiring/colors as the plug) to be able to
use the unit with G1.

Remember to set the +5V and GND (middle and right, as for the HC)
jumpers on the board (at JP1 or JP2) to provide power to the GPS unit.

The wiring for the GPS18LVC(x) RJ12 6P6C plug is:

pin 1    +5V    red wire
pin 2    TxD    white wire (connects to Gemini RxD)
pin 3    GND    black
pin 4    GND    black
pin 5    RxD    green  (connects to Gemini TxD)
pin 6    N.C.

Pin 1 is at the top when plugged into the board. One of the black wire
has to be the thick one. Cut the remaining wires (one thin black,
yellow, ...).


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