Yahoo Closing Groups

Darryl Huffman

I have emailed Pat Turner with the hopes of being made an owner of the Yahoo group.

Time will tell.

Darryl Huffman

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I think the rules email is also on auto-pilot.  I checked on the Yahoo groups site for GandD and he is not listed, only Pat Turner.   That is what the Yahoo server says so I believe that is more accurate than the email.


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Darryl’s name as moderator is still in the monthly rules…


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Darryl Huffman does not appear to be a moderator any longer.  Either Pat removed him or Darryl removed himself from that role.  He is still a member though.  You can see a list of members and moderators by clicking on the text at the top of the group page where it says "1433 members."  For Moderators, click on that tab.  Email addresses are not disclosed at least to non moderators.   I will make another update of the group on PGOffline for backup, in case the group disappears. 

As a side note, there are a huge number of members (218) of this group who don't get the messages anymore because their emails are bouncing.   As to Pat, I think he put this group on auto-pilot and is occupied with other things right now.   The problems with photo loading have plagued other groups periodically and that is a Yahoo issue.  He and Daryl are not among the bouncing emails, but they may have opted for no emails or notifications only (which only moderators can send) and may not be seeing these messages.

I don't make many posts, but like many of the other 1433 members (minus the 218), I enjoy reading other's insights into John's work of art. 

Dale Smith

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Have we heard from moderator Daryl Huffman?



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One of the Yahoo Groups that I belong to moved to Groups.IO.  You had to resubmit in order to join.   Anyone in this group can create the new group on IO though it would be best if several people were moderators.   Moving items from here would require copying and posting at the new group.





Bruce Wilson has recently implemented a fee to transfer groups.  The fee consists of setting up the new io group as a premium group for a least one year.  This was after Mark Fletcher, who is the brains behind, spent a number of weeks cracking changes yahoo had made to the login process to get the transfer working again.  Details here:

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On 3/6/2019 21:04, Darryl Huffman darrylhuffman@... [GandD] wrote:

Having transferred several groups to Io I understand the process.

There is no cost involved.

The original Yahoo group does not change.

But, without the group's owner help, the only thing to do is to continue as is.

But I also joined the Io group.

Darryl Huffman