WT&W Sale Update - Sections to BE SOLD!

James Powell <jpowell@...>

For the past few weeks, I have had my HO Scale Wiscasset, Trevino & Western up for sale, and though I have had some very interested parties, I haven't been able find anyone to take the entire layout. I know that if I advertised it in MR or similar magazines, I might get a buyer, but that would take months and just prolong the agony! ;-)

For those of you O Scalers who are reading this, you might know someone who will want it...

I have decided to sell the layout in 5 different sections, each section will be put up on Ebay this weekend. Most auctions will start Easter Sunday and will end Friday April, 5, 2002.

I know many of you have asked to buy sections of the layout, so now is your chance. When the auctions are listed, I will post the links on my site, as well as send out another email.

The following sections are to be sold.

1. Tremont Bluffs Section - This is the area with the tenements and clotheslines. The section will include Lowell Textile, Boston Bank, 2 unnamed buildings (tenements on the back), the Usonian Theater, the new Walters & Timm, A. Zolli Lobster Buoy Company, Admiral Asels Seafood, Tremont Bluffs Tenements (3 buildings)

2. Central City Section - This is the area starting across the street from Lowell Textile. It will include A. Dauterman Rocks (FSM Rock Bunker Kit), Burned down brick building, Pes & Pescado Fish Warehouse, Fish Markets (8 facades), Laughlin St. Bridge with Mason's Diner, Gilbert's Plumbing, Strahl & Pitsch (scratchbuilt by Frank Bernard), Mansard Building, Benoit Lye Soap, Francis William Cigar Company (my first foamcore experiment building.)

3. Trevino Station, Skyscrapers and Trevino Summit Section - This area starts at the far left of the layout and includes: the old Brick Clips building, the underground Trevino Station, Allen's Arches, the above ground Trevino Station, Rabbit Run area, all skyscrapers (TAD&CO, Hotel, and others), Gulf Station, D&D Cannery, Coldwater Canning, Fine Scale Miniatures office, M. Furlow Brushes, unnamed blue building, and Trevino Cold Storage.

4. THE BIGGIE! The Trevino Harbor Section - This area starts right near Gidley Sailcloth and ends at the Lighthouse. The structures included in this area: Gidley Sailcloth, Findlay Flint Glass, Dick & Dave's Bait & Tackle, Lillian Pet Foods, New England Paper Tube, Argus Cricket's Seafood (Kitbashed FSM Emporium Seafood), Fish Grotto, San Juan Tool & Die, Kevin E. Brown Motorcycles, North Side Creamery, Trevino Lighthouse and Gilbert's Petticoats and the entire waterfront scene with the existing piers.

5. The Mountain Section - Don't know if anyone will want it, but I think it's pretty well done... would make a nice addition to a layout if someone has room. Includes Bernard Hill and what I called "new" mountain.

That's it! Pretty straight-forward I think. It might be easiest to pick these sections up in a truck, but I can also crate them and ship them for a fee.

If you have any questions, email me.

James Powell