Was G&D #10 a Dockside?


In Linn H. Westcotts book "Model Railroading with John Allen" G&D #10
is listed as a 0-4-0T yard goat and switcher made by Sakura.

In the same book Andy Sperandeo is quoted (page 117): 'When I first
began to operate at East Port, John had just installed that board on
a suggestion from Cliff Robinson, and he was trying to use one of the
Little Joe ["Dockside"] 0-4-0Ts as the East Port switch engine.'

Does this mean the #10 was a Dockside?
I've searched the internet for any Sakura 0-4-0T and the only one I
found was a Dockside imported by PFM.

In the same passage Andy Sperandeo says: 'One of the first things I
noticed when we went downstairs was that the 0-4-0T at East Port had
been replaced by one of the G.D.'s sturdy Shays.'

Does this mean there were more G&D Shays than #7?

Linn admits his coverage is incomplete and we know that #43 was
actually a Berkshire and not a 2-10-2 as reported in the book.