"The Slides" by date

Jeffrey L Witt

While putting together my NMRA Clinics on the G&D, I went through all the slides (thanks again, Keith!!!) and made a chronological list with some comments. Gradually I uploaded them to

I also reduced the size (1024 in the smallest dimension) and adjusted the contrast and colors (punched it up) to work well as a PowerPoint presentation with a projector.

You may find these interesting/useful. 



God I love this group and all the G&D pictures. For many years all I had was the paperback "bible" by Linn. Then I bought the video and suddenly I had twice as many pictures of the G&D. Now with this site and all the these slides and pictures and I'm in heaven. Such fun exploring all these newly discovered treasures and seeing all the different angles. Another thing was all the amateur photos with flashes and such forth.  I went through that period back on the A&E #2  in the 80's when I learned to use colored lenses to balance out the color. John said he used blues to help with distance but I can see his blues were also emphasized with his correct exposures and colored lenses. Now a days the digital camera automatically converts the exposure to the correct color settings so this part of photography that John used is a lost art.