The Magic of Scale Model Railroading Gallery

Russell Courtenay

Flipping through the NMRA website, I almost forgot I bid on one item in the G&D auction, I don’t think I have much chance of winning but the auction ended October 30 so we shall see.

This is the exhibit being built at the California State Railroad Museum, has anyone seen it lately? Is it even open?

Most things are open here in Idaho but with COVID cases and hospitalizations really high, many are not up to attending even small events.

Do you have any winter modeling plans?

Russell Courtenay
Solemnity and profundity are sublime in inequity.

Mark Cartwright

All I have are Winter Plans for Modeling.
There is nearly nothing else in my life right now I can plan on ... But I do have some predictions.
Like me staying off the streets and mostly away from everybody else.
Let me put it this way...
Can I get one of these in N Scale?
I seem to be modeling 1918-1921 at the moment.

I love this photograph.

That is the Hotel Stockton to the right of the photograph.
Anybody want to take a guess on why I like this photograph so much?
:)) Mark