“The Box”

Russell Courtenay

Thanks Charles, 

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Russell Courtenay
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I believe there is only one solution to this consternation.


Somebody needs to generate a “The Box” full of credible looking John Allen artifacts and ephemera.  It will be important to make it realistic by aging everything.  Also perhaps throw in a few correct period dogeared vintage NMRA bulletins and such.  To be really ambitious, create a believable unpublished article draft typed on an old portable typewriter – wow – what a find that will be!  Take a look at some of his handwritten items at and forge a few notes here and there.  Make sure the box itself is also beat up, dirty, and crudely has something like “G&D stuff” written on it as well as the word “SAVE”.  If possible, use an already old box from the time frame so that an FBI forensics team won’t catch on.


Then, “discover it”.  And perhaps create a story to add some drama (recall “The Satchel” if you need a hint).


I learned there is power in writing the word “SAVE” on a box.  One such box was on the main production floor of a company where I worked.  The entire time nobody even considered getting rid of it.  Putting on my Mad Magazine thinking cap, I envision company after company moving in and out of the building and the box always remains safely there.  And then the building get obsolete, is demolished, and the box is STILL there in the middle of an empty lot.


Charles E. “Chuck” Kinzer


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On 7/19/2019 8:53 PM, Ken Dodge wrote:

> Worst Case Scenario - which I SINCERELY hope didn't happen: One day

> someone told a minimum wage, temp custodian, who didn't know a model

> train from a hula hoop, to "get rid of the junk in this room." He looked

> around, saw The Box, and thought, "There's a box of junk if I ever saw

> one."


    Alternate hypothesis - Linn took this mythical Box home and put it

on a shelf. After he passed away his wife or other family member tossed

it out as they were disposing of his effects, not knowing there was

anything there worth saving.




                   Rick Jones


Joan of Arc is alive and medium well.


Randy Lee Decker <randyleedecker@...>

Yep...   hilarity....  lightens up the saddest of stories.. deflects many things with ease.   

Very good...