Sharp radius curves in flex track was: Port and the bridge

Russell Courtenay


I’ve found I can get old Atlas code 100 (with plastic ties) can take a 4 or 5” radius IF and only if you make sure the side with the segmented tie strips (under the rail) is on the OUTSIDE of the curve. I made a loop in a cigar box but only had an 8 wheel trolley and it won’t quite take a 4” radius. Still have the cigar box and trolley , I’ll have to dig em out. 

I still have 20 or so pieces I plan on using in my O and On30 loop around my little barn which will include a bit of the original G&D in one corner, hopefully to be running this year. 

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Randy, I read your posts and find your info quite interesting always.  
The bigger the rail, the more problem with some radii AND vertical transition curves must be closely watched as well. Vertical kinks or sideways tilt, especially at turnouts, cause us many derailment woes on outdoor track. Your electric line probably doesn’t have any switches to worry, but I bet you have some vertical transitions.  Probably not a problem with no trailing cars, but still a problem spot for us old timers in the hobby who are still laying rail and bending iron.
I always have trouble finding photos people are talking about.  I will look more often for your FB.  I probably don’t sit down long enough to follow some threads and sure can’t remember passwords.

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I have to figure out how this camera will take a video.  I know it can, all new cameras do this.  I think my facebook page will have more interest Russell, I will post it there.    

Anyway In case anyone actually reads this post,  I just learned the hard way code 100 just will not make the crazy tight curves you need for a realistic looking, city street, electric line.  The corners pinch no matter how hard you try.   I think I knew this from long ago, but totally thought I could pull it off and get rid of some track I had around..    Eghhhh.... wrong.... total fail....   
    I pulled up what I had down and the code 83 seems to be working fine.   Pancakes and perhaps an old railbus in the morning for me...  I do not own an electric car.  Funny, I posted John's Birthday a few days ago.   Got no response.   odd....