locked Russian admirer

George Courtney

Is this fellow a Russian admirer of John Allen?  He knows better. 

Randy Lee Decker

A source told me that a decapod (disguised as a mastodon) might be involved here.  

Russell Courtenay

Way to bring it back on topic Randy, thank you!

How many have built a G&D Mastadon?

Russian Decapods were unique, husky locos built to 5 foot gauge, wider 8” (I believe) tires were installed to bring them down to 4’’ 8 1/2” gauge. This had to be considered as ‘self guarding’ switch frogs depended on the standard 5 1/2” wheel width. 

I have an O Scale Rivarossi 0-8-0 that has similar chunky proportions (and NMRA O scale wheels are actually a scale 8 1/4” wide!)

The first boost in the number of Decapods occurred when Imperial Russia ordered approximately 1,200 Decapods from American builders during World War I. When the Bolshevik revolution occurred in 1917, 857 had already been delivered,[3] but more than 200 were either awaiting shipment or were in the process of construction.[3] These stranded locomotives were adopted by the United States Railroad Administration (USRA), the body created by the Government to oversee and control the railroads during the War, converted to American standards, and put to use on American railroads. Small and light-footed, these Russian decapods proved popular with smaller railroads, and many of them remained in service long after the USRA's control of the railroads ceased.[4] Many indeed lasted until the end of steam on those railroads.”

Russell Courtenay
Solemnity and profundity are sublime in inequity. 

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A source told me that a decapod (disguised as a mastodon) might be involved here.