Request from Charlie Getz, looking for #25

Jeffrey L Witt

Charlie asked me to forward this along to the group(s), he is trying to track down #25 for restoration. Also below is Rod Smith's response to Charlie's email to him and me. Attached is Charlie's PDF of Paul Jansen's photo of the "surviving" #25.

Hi Rod and Jeff. 

Rod. You and I have written about my desire to recover and possible restore eponymous G&D #25, so associated with John's G&D. I received photocopies of photographs of the satchel contents from John's home taken by the late great Paul Jansen. The most important for this purpose is attached. Clearly it shows #25 in the original lot of burned engines along with another showing #12, both MDC engines.  As you know, we have restored Numbers 8,9 and 10 of which 8 and 10 will be on display at the CSRM NMRA exhibit soon. 

I think recovering #25 and restoring that would mean a lot to all John Allen fans. It was a favorite of his plus we need to refresh the exhibit occasionally. ANY help you can provide in tracking it down would be great!! Ditto Jeff if you can put the word out. 

It is possible Bob Dupont for unknown reasons gave some of the engines away. Rod you say it was not among the ones you recovered from Bob home many years back. So it may be in someone's personal collection of oddities but surely getting the word out may help. 

Any ideas would be greatly appreciated such as getting the search mentioned on the various G&D chat groups.  I am not a member of those so perhaps Jeff could help. 

Sorry to be a nag but having it sit in a closet or in a display case as a curiosity seems a waste!! 

Thanks so much and look for my article on restring #'s 9 and 8 in the March/April Gazette.


And Rod's response:

Hi Charlie,

I can't give you much help on finding #25.  The "Satchel" did not contain that locomotive when it came into my ownership. Bob DuPont and Linn Westcott went to Monterey over a year after John's death.  There may have been other people who collected things in the G&D layout.  Several years after the fire some folk must have done this as a hobby shop I visited in Monterey had a section of the hillside at, I think, French Gulch on display.
Many years later Bob offered me the satchel he kept falling over when he went in his attic.  I had it for several years ( I don't remember when I got it), but I created a little piece of track and photographed each loco on both sides and top on that rail.  I sent them to Peter Prunka (now deceased) and I don't know if he put them into his G&D Reminiscence Project.  I have a disc of those pictures.
The satchel was collected over a year after John's death.  Perhaps some 'visitors' collected pieces to remember the G&D by.  Or, Bob may have given some of the burnt loco's.  The model club in Salinas had an extensive display of rolling stock, but I don't recall any engines when I visited there years ago.  You could take a look there easily as the Coast Starlight train stops right at their door.  Go down, visit and ride back on the train going back to San Jose.  An easy day trip.  Just make sure the club is open.
The satchel engines are in your possession  as I got them save the two I still have, 26 and 40.
Perhaps the #25 could be recreated by a modified Roundhouse 0-6-0 by Kenichi ?  I notice you are calling it an an MDC engine.  I wonder who has it right, you or Linn  Westcott