Pine Ridge RR Pictures

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G & D Fans,

I posted four pictures to the "Pine Ridge RR - Tom Hokel" album.
There are two pictures of PRRR #12 and two of #42. Unfortunately, #12
was stolen (along with #47, a 2-8-2 with light Cary boiler on a
Mantua frame and MDC Vanderbilt tender) back in 1988-1989 from the
former "South Bay Model Railroad and Supply Company" in Redondo
Beach, CA where I had them on display. So, if any of you ever see
them at a swap meet (or eBay), buy them for me, then take some names
and let me know. PRRR #12 was regeared, powered with a Sagami can
with flywheel, and lighted. It ran great! I started to rebuild it a
couple of years ago, but set it aside to work on my layout. (Kind of
glad that I did becuase I am converting to DCC and sound.)

PRRR #42 has HObbyline Berkshire parts (pilot, sand dome, and cab). I
now have a PFM Vanderbilt tender, but I'm thinking of using
Bachmann's SP Vanderbilt tender. This picture was taken on my old
layout and is "oranged-out" because of the inappropriate film type.

I plan to post some more pictures, once I get a new scanner. I have
modeled engines #9 0-4-0 Varney Docksider, #6 Rivarossi Heisler, and
#26 2-8-0 UP PFM.

Some modeler's selectively compress prototypes to fit their available
space. Well, I selective compressed John Allen's G&D to fit my
available space and time, i.e., about 22 ft by 22 ft and, hopefully,
at least the next 20 years. So far, I have built the Great Divide
terminal and yard, King Harbor (a vary small version of Port), and
laid the track to Gorre and Daphetid. I am currently working on the
Corsa & Cross Junction area, referred to as Zachman & Framework. I
have several structures built, just waiting for their place on the
layout. I do have a "PRRR Story" that I'll post in the near future as
a PDF file.

Hope you enjoy my pictures. I think this G&D Group may be building up
a "head of steam!"

Happy Holidays.